Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2024 – TechShinka

Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme 2024 – TechShinka

The Government of Pakistan initiated a noble and revolutionary program named the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme (PMLS) to provide computer tablets to the students with the objective to minimize the digital divide and enable learners with modern technology. Since its initiation, the scheme has proved helpful in supplying thousands of laptops to students all across the country and helping them to access the educational material, making their learning process effective and useful for the future by preparing them for the competition that comes by the advancement of technology.Prime Minister's Laptop Scheme 2024 - TechShinka

Objectives of the Scheme

Digital Inclusion: For every student to gain the ability to purchase own laptop as well as having some basic know how, as a way of meeting the objectives of topicality, accuracy, Sandra, accessibility to information, and class }.

Enhanced Learning: To help students acquire tools on how they can enhance their research, teamwork, and interactive learning in order to enhance performance amongst them as well as development of skills.

Skill Development: In order to prepare students to become worthy professionals ready to face life in the 21st century that is dominated by Information technology, create employment and business opportunity for themselves.

Merit Recognition: As a motivation to increase the level of academic achievement among students, laptops for education will be awarded to students based on merit in academic performance.

Eligibility Criteria

The scheme usually focuses on students who are studying in the public sector universities, degree awarding institutions and affiliated colleges in Pakistan. Eligibility criteria may include:

Administration into an undergraduate program, postgraduate or any other related program.
Earning certain grade point averages or percentile scores in certain courses or in certain specific tests or examinations.’

Implementation Process

Verification: Once registered, the students’ details are subjected to authentication in order to adhere to the criteria set.

Selection: Talented students are selected depending on the merit and marks obtained with the help of achievement test.

Distribution: Laptops are issued to targeted learners; either by laptop centers or learning institutions.

Orientation: There can be information meetings to bring awareness of the orientation of the students to use the new laptops, or the general management of them, likewise the services provided in case of any complication with the laptops.

Impact and Benefits

The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme has had a profound impact on students and the education sector in Pakistan:The effects of Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme have been not only positive rather overwhelming in case of students and the field of education in Pakistan.

Access to Technology: Education has on numerous occasions opened door towards buying of technology gadgets to students who cannot otherwise afford them.

Academic Performance: In regards to the findings, learners have alleged enhanced performance, research, and learning achievements.

Career Opportunities: Digitized skills have expanded the students career opportunities and prospects which prepared them for the tough job world of globalization.


Empowerment: It has made the students to rise to the tallest heights to achieve greatness, to undertake challenging innovations and come up with projects that are of great benefits to society.

Challenges and Future Directions

Though the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme is prominent to bring in positive changes much issues like problems in distribution of laptops, and lacking the idea of making it sustainable are also depicted here. Moving forward, there is a need to:Moving forward, there is a need to:

Expand Coverage: Expand the scheme’s coverage to more student beneficiaries especially the rural or disadvantaged students.


Hence, the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme symbolizes the dedication of Pakistan to helping its young population benefit from computer education. Thus, giving laptops to the students-with this scheme itself- is not only helping in their academic life but also giving them all necessities for future. With the help of the scheme advancement, it is expected that it will give a huge contribution to improve the quality of education and bring a behavioral change in the field of digitalization in Pakistan. To find out how to get more from or put more into the scheme check the official web site or address the educational establishments which are involved into the programme.


1. What is understood from the abbreviation PMLS which stands for Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme?
2. To whom can apply for Prime Minister’s Laptops Scheme?
3. How do I go about applying/ registering for Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme?
4. What are the impacts of this Scheme that is introduced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the trainees?

5 The following are the ways through which those laptops are distributed under the scheme:

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